We are an LGBT+ startup company - a small group of friends - artists/creative types.
Live, love, give...code.

To live the code is the essence of what we stand for and who we genuinely are.

To love the code is to be passionate about and apply it to as many aspects of our social being as we can.

To give the code is to share it, evangelize it, and want everyone you know to get a piece of it.

Identify yourself with pride.

Company Overview
We 2 have a dream…

That one day the world will accept the truth that all people, straight, and LGBT+, deserve equal rights and equal opportunity under the law.

That throughout the U.S. landscape, people from all walks of life will be able to live and work together in harmony, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

That the Fortune 500 list will someday include a sizable percentage of LGBT+ owned and operated companies that reflect our economic power and population.

That a new corporate model be built on a foundation that supports mutual fellowship rather than individual greed.

CODE…decoded, represents a diverse group of entrepreneurs with various professional backgrounds working together to form one unifying message from the many voices in our community.

At code…decoded we are committed to validating our presence and securing our future by creating, promoting, and selling goods and services for the LGBT+ consumer. Through the intelligent use of the free enterprise system and a free market economy we will secure equal opportunity and equal rights under the law.

One Message...Your Voice.
a picture is worth a thousand words… (◕‿◕)

a picture is worth a thousand words… (◕‿◕)

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